Poker is not a male domain

Sure you can, it is quite simple: Until now, poker players climb into the Top 10 for men only. The multi-millionaires whose names are known, some of which are already for a long time, and the gains considerable.

How to Daniel Negreanu , with a total income sum of 30.5 million$, Antonio Esfandiari, with 25.5 Mn$, Daniel Colman with 22 Mn$, and Erik Seidel (21$ million), Phil Ivey (19 Mn $ ) and Phil Hellmuth (16 million$), all of these players would have taken profits in several million home. So different skills, the others gifted with a more technical, psychological, and his opponents, trying to intimidate you, they all have one thing in common, they are men.

The players, ladies are quite large.

If, however, this should be a sign that women are Skill-less Talent for Poker, less nervous, less, then the fallacy would be. You will be able to see, to look at the ladies in the ranks of the Best, and will find that here is not so bad a gamble. The poker ladies are so gorgeous, how talented, calculating like a boss, and very, very present.

The poker player with the highest Win.

female Poker team is currently led by Vanessa Selbst, she is now almost 10 Mn $ earned. It doesn’t look like you would make this rank to someone in the near future is questionable, unless she goes into retirement. And then it looks also. Himself 2 World Series of Poker Bracelets and won the Event at the North American Poker Tour and the Partouche Poker Tour, to reproduce the latter with a profit of 1.8 million, $ (, gentlemen).


There is also a German player in the Top 10.

so Far, there are in the female Top 10 players only a the face of Germany, but in the lower ranks, many of them are already in the starting blocks and are ready to get in the amount. The Talent in Germany is, without a doubt.

Poker is not a male domain any more – the Numbers speak for themselves. As in many Business areas (the comparison is only in connection with the other), which the ladies used to be dominated by male, and it is partially still in place, to conquer as soon as you can, and the nerves have, in the domain venture. But if someone has Talent, a Poker, then he/she will know that as well, and a good poker player must also have a very healthy self-confidence.

poker-ladies are sometimes so amazing, how talented.

Sandra Naujoks is on place 9 of the Top 10-Lady Poker players with a profit of 1.8 million$ . This seems relatively low, compared with the million-Gain from the ranks of the lords, so that you must land, these 1.8 million.. Naujocks definitely has self-confidence – and a bunch of Talent. Her first big success came in the ETP Dortmund, you won and 1.1 Mn $, and has

What many of the Poker ladies have in common, as well as their male colleagues, a passion for Poker, Offline and Online. Many Pro-has started his career in the Online Casino and qualification measures. the Online Casino is actually the perfect place for you to train and compete with other players on the kidney from round to round, in the Cash Games or a tour.


may be The glamorous lady in the Top ranks Joanne Liu. Even if the last great victory (nearly 1 million $ ) is already a couple of years, it does not mean that the woman sitting at the table, along with their eccentric clothes and maybe a oversized glasses and a striking hat. The appearance should not obscure the fact that a calculation of the head-and a good Portion of Talent dressed. Nice and colorful is also intelligent and calculating.

A young Talent with a lot of the future.

A Talent that should definitely be mentioned, is Liv Boeree. A student who is psychologically very talented Phil Hellmuth, and eight of the Top Ten, she already scored a significant number of Win. The entire profit is currently around$ 2.5 million . It must be said that Boeree still in their twenties. She shows considerable Talent – and nerves. If someone comes to Hungarian here, Stu “The Kid” in the head, then this is perhaps not so wrong. The young players can confidently say before, a glorious poker career.

Butterfly Staxx™ video slot now available at NetEnt Casinos

From today the NetEnt fans of the NetEnt Casino’s going to play again from the original video slot is developed by the most popular software supplier in the iGaming industry. The Butterfly Staxx™ video slot is now available to play at many NetEnt Casino’s and while I’m not super excited about this new NetEnt game, I am 100% sure that there is a large group of NetEnt Casino players that this game and appreciate. Designed in the “low polygon art style, brings NetEnt with the Butterfly Staxx™ video slot again, an original game for the NetEnt Casino’s.

Better Games….

…. is NetEnt’s motto, company do everything to adhere to their own motto. However, it seems the grass at the neighbours is always greener, isn’t it? Over the past few months launched NetEnt a series of less spectacular games, and that we are so not used to it. I began almost to believe that NetEnt the “drive” had lost. Until a friend of mine get me a meeting with a recently published video slot developed by NetEnt.

I mention no names, but see, I did not know that I was so disappointed, might get a video slot. Me realizing that the year of the write of video slot reviews of ever the cause might be, I kept thinking that this video slot, on the basis of a well-known brand, so many more can imagine. What a brilliant video slot it would have been if more attention was paid to the design.

This made me realize that NetEnt is impossible to be a brilliant game after brilliant game to start. When NetEnt then again with a video slot is based on a well-known brand or movie, then at least you know for sure that a game is of the best quality. Nothing, no hurried work, but these works of art to come, it will be somewhere in the face. And so we all need to not be so spoiled and satisfied with what we get dished up.

NetEnt is currently working on three (or maybe more) video slots which is based on a brand or the film, namely The Phantom of The Opera™, Emojiplanet® and Planet of the Apes™. No wonder, then, that in the last weeks of silly season seemed to be a number of new NetEnt video slots, but we have the next time enough to look forward to.

Butterfly Staxx™

There it is, the Butterfly Staxx™ video slot, ready to play in one of the many NetEnt Casino’s. Maybe not the best NetEnt video slot, but certainly attractive enough for a normal video slot. We can finally not always but the best of the best of the best expect from NetEnt.

With so many great video slot theme’s and exciting titles provided by NetEnt in the 20-year anniversary, seem to be the flowers and butterflies not too exciting, I know. But the “low-polygonal shapes of this new NetEnt video slot certainly has an identity of its own as I have that the luminous butterflies during the Re-Spins and the Butterfly Spins a lot of players will appeal.

NetEnt: Designed in a modern and stylish low polygonal art style, in this 5-reel, 4 rows and 40 pay lines counting video slot is surrounded by a paradise of shimmering wings, and breathtaking flora that the players in a kaleidoscope of colors immerses.

Butterfly Staxx™ is enriched with a number of fun features like Wild symbols, Re-Spins and Butterfly Spins. This last is derived from the popular SuperStaxx™ feature to see in the successful ‘ 80s retro title Neon Staxx™.

Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer at NetEnt: “The release of the Butterfly Staxx is part of a series of fantastic NetEnt games and launched in 2017. With its vibrant and enchanting graphics designed in the “low polygon art style combined with a classic gameplay and features, I am sure that Butterfly Staxx a successful addition to our award-winning spellenportefeuille.”

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New from Microgaming!

New slot machines from Microgaming Microgaming is the all-new slot machines into the race for the Casino throne! From the forge from the manufacturer a number of exciting slot machines, and so it is not surprising that he scores every now and again with innovations. Candy dreams, Forbidden throne, lucky girl and Goldwyn, the fairies, the name of the new comrades-in-arms in the Microgaming Portfolio, […]

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NetEnt introduces The Phantom of The Opera™ Video Slot at

Although the official series video slots such as NetEnt Rocks Trilogy and Fairy tale Legends, I think that the series of Universal Monsters™ video slots, however, as such it should be seen. NetEnt remains Universal Monsters™ titles to add to the assortment that consists of an incredible 125+ video slots. Four of these NetEnt video slots are a part of the Universal Monsters™ video slots series, and a fourth part, The Phantom of The Opera™ Video Slot has now been announced and will be from the 24th of July in the NetEnt Casino’s available.

Universal Monsters™ slots series

Recently I wrote the second part of the NetEnt video slots themagids, this time inspired by a non-official news about the latest NetEnt video slot. Knowing that NetEnt do not want such non-official notices are to be passed on to others, I have decided to make the news, but just not to share with the NetEnt fans.

The rumors for quite a while the round of the video slot for July, a new Universal Monsters™ video slot at NetEnt Casino’s would bring. However, no one knew, no one for a general title. The list of Universal Monsters™ movies is quite long. So could the next Universal Monsters™ video slot based on The Wolf Man, the Mummy, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Bride of Frankenstein or the phantom of The Opera.

I Finally got to hear the Phantom of The Opera™ Video Slot, which was in the series of Universal Monsters™ video slots to expand. Once again, I decided to put the key to throw away, and the nieus for me to keep. However, it led the news take me to a second part of the NetEnt video slots themagids.

The NetEnt video slots themagids: Universal Monsters™ video slots gives an overview of all NetEnt video slots that have been developed in collaboration with Universal Studios, including ok, Dracula™, Frankenstein™, Creatures of the Black Lagoon™ and The Invisible Man™. Soon I need this episode so go update now ” the phantom of The Opera™ Video Slot has been officially announced.

Universal’s Phantom of the Opera

After writing many reviews and/or articles about the NetEnt video slots Dirty Duck™, Copy Cats™ and Butterfly Staxx™, which is on Wednesday 21 June will be launched, I must admit that I was glad to hear that the newest NetEnt video slot a Universal Monsters™ video slot would go. Really glad I was when it turned out to be the phantom of The Opera™ Video Slot, an intriguing story. Finally a subject where I am I can deepen.

Although many people immediately think of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s successful musical of 1986, the history of the Phantom of the Opera back much further. Let’s go back in time, back to 1909, the year in which a series of publications of the readers of Le Gaulois the story about the phantom of the Opera, written by the French writer Gaston Leroux. In 1910 appeared the story as a novel which contains the whole story in part was told, inspired by historical events at the Paris Opera in the 19th century.

the Founder of Universal Pictures, Carl Laemmle, treated themselves to a vacation to Paris in 1922, where he The Phantom of The Opera writer Gaston Leroux against the body ran. Laemmle told Leroux about his admiration for the Paris Opera house which Leroux Laemmle a copy of his novel gift did. Rumors are that Laemmle the book in just one night uitlas and not much later, the film rights purchased.

The production of The Phantom of The Opera was at the end of 1924 of the start in the Universal Studios, and a first version of the movie in January 1925, in Los Angeles.

Bad reviews forced Universal Pictures to make the most of the film shoot and the style to match. The former managing director of Rupert Julian explained it quits down, which is not so bad appeared since the war was with both the cast and the production team. He was replaced by Edward Sedgwick.

The new version appeared in april 1925 in the cinema of San Francisco, but, again, did the audience not the film to appreciate with a third, and last, version the result. The second version of The Phantom of The Opera was to have nine reels returned (to the old film reels) by Maurice Pivar and Lois Weber, and contained material from both the first and the second version. An example of this last version was in september 1925 at the Astor Theater in New York turned, but went in October, 1925, in Hollywood premiere.

In this classic horror film discovered the young opera singer Christine Daaé that they have a secret admirer. Christine’s masked admirer, the Phantom (the Ghost), shows his home to have found in the Paris Opera House. He urges Christine to help her career to a higher level, but as the Phantom and Christine caught her dedication and love requires, is her lover, Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny who are willing to do everything Christine to the rescue.

Phantom of the Opera™ Video Slot

Designed in the style of Dracula™ and The Invisible Man™, you can look forward to a Universal Monsters™ video slot. Although I don’t use a lot of resources that I have, the above example video for the player of The Phantom of The Opera™ Video Slot can expect.

The classic story is in every aspect of The Phantom of The Opera™ Video Slot back to find the Phantom and Christine in the spotlight. As intimidating as NetEnt’s Dracula in the Dracula™ video slot, so intimidating is also the Phantom in this upcoming Universal Monsters™ video slot from 24 July will be available at the NetEnt Casino’s.

Phantom of the Opera™ video slot features

A great video slot experience seems to begin even before the base game is open, thanks to a fantastic video slot intro. This is the innovation that NetEnt for years, to be praised, and it seems to have changed, nothing is as it seems. After your experience with the Phantom, start the game and you will immediately notice that the usual 5×3 layout has a 5×4 layout. As already in Butterfly Staxx™, which is tomorrow, Wednesday, June 21, in the NetEnt Casino’s to boot.

The preview video of The Phantom of The Opera™ Video Slot confirms a large number of video slot features including two Wild symbols, a Re-spin feature and the Free Spins feature, while you can also count on a Pick and Click bonus game.

as far as I can see, the three (or maybe more) Scatter symbols, exciting Free Spins feature to activate, also enriched with an impressive intro. During this intro will be the Phantom his true colors show when you get up not much later, being treated in the most profit from the Free Spins.

When the Phantom at the left-most reel and Christine on the right side on the reels, will intro you to make proposals to the Pick and Click bonus game. Roses are red, violets are blue, and perhaps a mega profit after this slot provided entirely on you….at least, if you find the right roses to know to picking.

When the Phantom’s famous mask is the one to the far right on the reels, instead of Christine, there will be a Masked Phantom Re-Spin be used in which the respective bonus symbols are converted to Wild symbols.

I am convinced that there is once again an exciting video slot with the talented team of NetEnt again, brilliant work has done. A great addition to the already existing Universal Monsters™ video slot available at NetEnt Casino’s.

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Bet that it will be more expensive

The German state regulates the gambling tremendously strong, and financially benefit enormously from the same thing, the prevention of game addiction is to be tackled, measures alike. This “fight” is like the “star wars”, only that Darth Vader in the gambling to build a reality that would be the death of both the star as well as equally destroy. The medium of the profit, luck is betting on a nationwide games tax the[…]

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A bit of Trivia about the game.

Quiz and Trivia – but there are also interesting facts about the gambling, and these are just a few of them. The list can be almost expands to infinity, because every day the person New to the topic of game ideas. All the better, because it is never boring.

weight The first casino

it seems, It was only the other view angle, as active Senor Casanova, who built the first Casino. In Venice, in the year 1638. As Casanova had to have the game with the seductive femininity (and, to be honest, we know exactly what his heart or his vanity aspired to otherwise) it is not so that he the casino game is dedicated. “Casino” comes from the Italian, it means as much as a small house or weekend house. Because the Casino was not dedicated only to the game, but also music and dance, where it is notoriously easy to get together, that sounds worthy, is quite credible.

The first Online Casino is located in Antigua, in the year 1996, and here it all began. A world without Online Casinos would in today’s discretion, and the compulsion to gambling like a dim world. Today we find hundreds of Online Casinos, and many of them are worth it, take a closer look.


The first legal casino in North and South America was formed in the late 70s. Exactly where today is the Western capital of the Casinos in Las Vegas, on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Roulette game of the devil. (we already knew that!)

Who &#8211 know it; 666 is the number of the devil. Is it a coincidence that the Numbers on a roulette wheel total 666? The legend has it, of course, Enormous. François Blanc made a Pact with the devil, you will get the secrets of Roulette. François Blanc, a French mathematician, was discovered by chance, the Roulette, while he is actually employed, the development of a Perpetuum Mobile. The question should not be whether he saw it simply as a work of the devil, that his development delivery concern is wrong, and he had to start all over again. There is no question, however, is that some of the players is the loss in the name of “devil’s work” for the roulette appeared after a pain-table is still pretty harmless. We are not all the not-so-good loser.

Illegal gambling in Nevada?


Hardly, but it’s true. The state of Nevada was the first US state legalized Gamlinbg 1931, legal. Pretty much at the same time the Hoover dam was built. The workers on the dam earned only 50 cents per hour, rates of inflation, and then, it doesn’t sound like this, however, is a lot of money. The government was concerned that workers could be distracted by the “game hell”. All affected employers, they built a whole town for your employees, Boulder City, what you need to have more of a Ghetto similar to, with the thought of their workers in the city of Las Vegas. More important still is the fact that gambling was illegal in Boulder. And that’s it.

Play, before the time of the legal game.

And we think we have it hard today, gambling regulation in Germany. Today this can is in England, but in the 18. Century. Century, set by the casino employees to swallow whose only task was to roll the dice in the event of a RAID. An easy task, one would think, however, it can be an indicator also, how often are these pirated goods trains, so that the managing Director or the Croupier would not have this work on the neck.

resistance is tough – or your money.

Howard Hughes had both. For many years, Casino and the Las Vegas Fan in 1966, returned to the Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, where he stayed many times before his suffering already indulged in the game. Hughes was asked to leave by the staff, the Suite, as it was expected, well-known new year’s eve-guests, for which the Suite was reserved. Hughes wouldn’t be Hughes, he would not have reacted to it: He was not admitted to the bathroom, no, instead, he bought the hotel complex. It is questionable whether the employees of the font, the weight of these Üthe acquisition of, or perhaps even volunteering, new Jobs sought.

Microgaming classic? The new slot game fruit VS Candy

Ironically, perhaps the most famous symbols of gambling and duels are expected in the new slot game from Microgaming, and even though we are, theoretically, from fruit VS Candy only the biggest innovations we have for you is simple, the Slots more accurately. There are countless Casino games to the theme, but in each case, such as slots or candy […]

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What you can't put it down on the Internet?
are you a slotmachinefanaat? Then Gokoverzicht the place for you! Not only will you find all the information about the latest slot machines and the best casino’s, also you can get the best exclusive bonuses find. Unlike many other websites, our focus is not exclusively on the video slots. They also cover some of the more classic slots, and even offer a few so-called ‘ one-armed-bandits, you are free to try. You can go there for all your needs in the field of gambling. Look at the casino list, create a free account and decide which you like best. They have a large assortment for you made a list of the casinos all of which to trust. So you can with peace of mind. Another nice touch is that you through their often exclusive bonuses. So come back regularly and make sure you don’t miss out.

Simbat the Gokkastenkoning

NetEnt live on regulated online casino market in Serbia

2016 will be an incredible year for NetEnt when it comes to joining the regulated online casino markets and 2017 seems to be just as successful. Last year NetEnt to four new markets in the first half of 2017 were already two new countries to the long list. In mid-may received a NetEnt a license in British Columbia in Canada, while the company last Friday announced live on regulated online casino market in Serbia.

New regulated markets

The year 2016 was in many ways a great year for NetEnt, but there is special attention to entry of new regulated online casino markets that are high on the priority list. In 2016, came NetEnt new online casino markets in Romania, Mexico, Portugal and Bulgaria. Up to now it is 2017 well for two new launches. So it was NetEnt America approved as a supplier of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), the only licensee in British Columbia. Friday came there with a country in South-eastern Europe after the NetEnt games went live in Serbia.

Since the introduction of the new gambling legislation in 2011, Serbia lot of commitment shown many illegal online casinos to ward off. All operators who are on Serbian territory in the possession of a license, a rule that is often as controversial as seen.

Without a license managed NetEnt there in a selection of the winning NetEnt games to start on a Serbian online casino market. The NetEnt games actually went live on Mozzart, the leading casino operator in Serbia. Mozzart was founded in 2001 and is known as the largest bookmaker in Serbia, but is also successful in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska), Romania and Macedonia. The company has more than 460 branches with more than 2,500 employees. The bet Mozzart are known as the highest odds on the Serbian market for games of chance. In addition, it produces Mozzart also slot machines and accessories in collaboration with the biggest names in the business.

“We continue to work on our global growth strategy due to our position on regulated markets to strengthen and we are very pleased that our popular games now also available for the players in Serbia”, says Enrico Bradamante, Chief of European Market Operations and managing director of net entertainment Malta Ltd.

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Magic Red-free-games – magic of free Spins

Magic Red free games available in 100 copies. The offer today is for all friends of the game fits perfectly. As soon as you entry in the Magic Red Casino, the direct wire to the Netent Software immediately. However, you can not only eeindrucken, because the magic offers Red more. The first can […]

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